• Nursing Services

The Nursing Department provides twenty-four hour nursing care. The team consists of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Continuing Care Assistants. The Nursing staff in our Home direct their energies toward promotion, maintenance and restoration of health, prevention of illness and alleviation of discomfort. Comfort measures in the form of Palliative Care will be provided to the resident and family in their time of need. Nursing care plans are utilized to facilitate individual resident care.

Each resident has a care plan which is reviewed regularly. This review helps to identify problems and select interventions to promote, maintain and restore the residents’ health. Interdisciplinary Care Conferences are conducted regularly for each resident. Those taking part are; Director or Resident Care, Dietary Supervisor, Program Director, Resident Advocate, a member of the Personal Care Staff, a family member and whenever possible, the resident.

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  • Medical Services

All residents have the right to the Doctor of their choice who is responsible for all their medical services. If no doctor is available or the resident would prefer,services may be provided by the homes Medical Advisor.


Due to restrictions set by MSI the cost of some medications is not covered. The cost of such medications will be the responsibility of the resident. In addition, you are not permitted to bring medications or alcohol into the Home.

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  • Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy plays an important role in the enhancement and maintenance of our residents’ physical abilities and independence. Maple Hill Manor has a part time Physiotherapy Aide on staff. In addition, a physiotherapist visits our Home on a weekly basis. The main goal of the Physiotherapy Department is to assist the resident in maintaining or furthering their level of independence and mobility.

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  • Dietary Services

Delicious, nutritious and attractive meals and snacks are provided by our Dietary Department. Operating from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., seven days a week, we have qualified cooks and dietary aides on hand to provide a healthy and pleasant dining experience. Our part time dietitian oversees special diets and the overall nutritional value of our menus.

Nutritionally balanced and varied meals that meet the therapeutic and social needs of the residents are offered. Menus are reviewed regularly and special requests are always welcome. Nourishing snacks are offered and available between meals. It is our goal to make mealtime a socially stimulating and enjoyable experience for each resident.

For a minimal fee, family members can enjoy a meal with their relative. We ask you please inform dietary by 1:00 p.m., if you plan to attend.

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  • Activities

Under the direction of a full time Program Director, recreational programs are provided on a regular basis to promote the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual needs of our resident. These programs include exercises, bowling, card games, shopping trips, special teas, birthday parties, bingo, sing-a-longs, outings, picnics, barbecues, baking, and spa days, to name a few. Programs and events are usually held in the Activity Room of the building. However, some may be held in our very own Country Kitchen, while others may be held outside in our gardens when weather permits.

A monthly calendar outlining daily programs and events is posted at the front entrance and throughout the building. Also, a copy of the monthly calendar is posted in every resident room. Everyone seems to have the ability to relate to appropriate music at all stages and conditions of life. It is a common occurrence to hear live entertainment echoing the halls of our Home.

Throughout the development of all programs, the special interest of each resident is considered. Several independent recreation activities are encouraged and supported. We are very fortunate at Maple Hill Manor to have a beautiful Garden in which the avid gardener can tend to or simply enjoy the beauty it has to offer. This is a great place for summer activities. Friendly visits from our resident cat bring delight to the pet lovers among our resident family. This is another way of making Maple Hill a home.

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  • Laundry & Housekeeping

All personal items are labeled with the residents name to prevent misplacement of personal belongings. Our seamstress will label personal effects upon admission or whenever a new article of clothing is purchased. Please bring new items to the Laundry Department to ensure this is done. To assist us in the preservation of clothing, we request that only machine washable items be purchased. We strongly recommend that woolen articles not be purchased, as shrinking will occur during laundry cycle.

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  • Maintenance

The objective of the Maintenance Department is the provision of services that maintain a safe, functional, and comfortable environment at Maple Hill ManorFamily or residents may request that personal effects, such as pictures and wall hangings be hung in the resident’s room. Maintenance staff will install them safely with appropriate fastenings.

Our maintenance department ensures all equipment is in good operating condition, safe and in good repair. Any electrical equipment or appliances brought into our home must be inspected by our staff.An active and on going preventative maintenance program ensures that our home is safe, comfortable and attractive.

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  • Resident Advocate

The Resident Advocate ensures and aids in the successful adjustment of residents and their families to life at Maple Hill Manor, ensuring that the physical, social and psychological needs are appropriately met. Regularly reviewing these objectives is an important part of the process. The Resident Advocate provides a liaison between the residents, their families, staff and the community. Special needs of the resident are also the responsibility of the Resident Advocate. Special needs may include, but are not limited to, arranging the purchase or repair of glasses, dentures, and hearing aids or any special requirement. In addition, the purchasing of clothing for residents is done where required.

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  • Resident Council

The Resident Council provides you, the resident, with an opportunity to have input into the management of the Home. By communicating with the Administrative staff and expressing suggestions or recommendations about matters in House, residents contribute to the smooth operations of our Home. Meetings are held regularly and all are invited to attend.

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  • Beautician Services

To assist with the residents’ personal grooming, a Hairdresser and beautician are available, at the home, to all residents on a fee for service basis. A licensed beautician who provides individualized care is available by appointment.

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  • Mobility Services

Through the use or our wheel chair accessible Bus & Van, our residents are able to participate in outings, visit family and enjoy site seeing trips.

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  • Wheels To Meals

For a small fee seniors in the community can come to our home to eat in or take out a delicious and nutritious meal. For more information on prices and menus contact Diana at 862-6495

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  • Pastoral Services

Maple Hill Manor recognizes the importance of Spiritual care by respecting the individual belief system of each resident. Some of the services offered are; pastoral visits, sacrament, and worship services. Arrangements can be made to meet your spiritual needs.

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  • Telephone & Cable TV Services

If a resident would like to have a telephone or cable TV service, arrangements should be made with the front office personnel. Payment for Cable is the responsibility of the resident.

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  • Mailing Services

Mailing services are available at the Maple Hill Manor for all residents. Incoming mail is sorted by the office staff and delivered to the resident.

The Mailing address for the Manor is:

Maple Hill Manor

700 King Street

New Waterford, Nova Scotia

B1H 3Z5

Phone: (902) 862-6495

Fax: (902) 862-9294


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  • A Resident Outing From Maple Hill Manor

Any resident desiring to visit friends or relatives away from the Home must inform the RN on duty of the details. So we won’t worry, we will also want to know your approximate time of return. If you wish to stay out overnight you are asked to inform the RN so that she can prepare your medications to take with you.

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  • Volunteer Services

Volunteers are an important part of our Home. By their sharing of time, they enrich lives. By sharing their talents, they help make residents’ day-to-day life more interesting and varied. These special people assist with many programs. Some volunteers prefer to help on a one-to-one basis. You can find our volunteers reading to a resident, writing letters, reminiscing with a resident or taking someone for a walk. Many residents need a good listener and the volunteer can fill this role.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a volunteer at Maple Hill Manor, please phone 862-6495 any time. Everyone has something to offer!

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  • Additional Professional Services

The Manor provides medical, nursing, pharmaceutical, dietetic, physiotherapy, and recreational services. Professional services such as, Psychiatric, Occupational Therapy, Dental, Speech, Hearing, Optometry and Foot Care are available. Referrals to these services are made at the physician’s request or if there is a need presented by the resident.

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  • Special Services

Sometimes residents may wish to draw up wills or obtain legal advice; however, legal consultation is not provided at Maple Hill Manor, nor is staff permitted to act as a witness for any legal document.

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  • Financial Services

Financial arrangements for daily room and board and nursing care will be arranged with the office prior to admission. Daily rates are determined by the Department of Health.

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  • Confidentiality

All information pertaining to a resident’s care is kept in strictest confidence by ALL staff. Questions regarding the care and health status of other residents will not be discussed with anyone other than that resident, his/her family or member or the health care team. Family members are to direct their cares and concerns regarding a relative to the RN on duty.

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  • Community Participation

Caring communities build healthy communities. Maple Hill Manor is a very important part of the New Waterford Community. Wheels to Meals is a community outreach project where, for a small fee, nutritious meals are made available to people with special needs in the local community. Those with special needs may include seniors and physically challenged. Dietary requires notification by 1:00 p.m. Meals can be picked up at 4:00 p.m.

In addition,
here at Maple Hill Manor, we are eager to bring dedicated and compassionate individuals to the field of geriatrics. By partnering with other community resources and educational institutions, in varying fields, the Home has welcomed and trained numerous individuals in this special area of employment.

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