It is the mission of Maple Hill Manor (Society) to provide a secure and comfortable home for the aged in our community. We aim to provide a home-like atmosphere for those seniors who need assistance in their daily living. Respect, Love, and Quality services will be provided to our residents at all times. Quality of life, promotion of independence and optimal use of the individual’s abilities is our ultimate goal.

Philosophy of Care:

The Philosophy of service at Maple Hill Manor is based on respect for the dignity of every individual. Our responsibility for each elderly person in our institution is to provide care that will help them to maintain integrity, self esteem and identity; enable them to return to the community, if possible, or to prepare for dignity and peace in dying. We believe that aging is a developmental process in the total life span, and that the older person has a purpose in life and a potential for growth. The various services in our Home intervene, as needed, to assist the older person to fulfill that purpose and to build on capabilities, always respecting the individual’s right to self-determination.

We believe that every person experiences a degree of loneliness, from separation of family and friends, that creates a high priority for us to provide a home-like atmosphere of care through interacting with staff members.All services in the Home work closely together to coordinate the personalized care provided for each person. We believe that resident care is improved in an environment where staff development and learning take place. We encourage staff participation in community activities (workshops and in-services) relating to geriatric care. We believe that all services within our Home have a responsibility to contribute to the geriatric theory of care for our residents.